Mrs. M.F. Toninelli and Mr. Louis Toninelli
Biennale des Antiquaires Paris, 1988

M.F. Toninelli Art Moderne Monaco has been in operation since 1945, when Mr Romeo Toninelli opened his first gallery "Il Camino" in Milan in association with art publishers and dealers who had been leaders in modern Italian art since the Thirties, known as "Il Milione". Significant one-man shows in 1945 to 1947 included Boccioni, Campigli, Carra, De Chririco, Morandi and Sironi.

After decades of successful exhibitions and participation in numerous leading art fairs around the world, in the Nineties Mrs. M.F. Toninelli and third generation family member Gaia Toninelli shifted the main office and operations from Rome to the Principality of Monaco.

The gallery maintains membership in the following professional organisations:
AIIM Monaco
GIE Point Art Monaco
Comité Professionnel des Galeries d'Art, Paris
Chambre Syndicale Estampe et Dessin, Paris
Syndicat National des Antiquaires, Paris
Park Avenue Armory Association, New York
NYT Art Leaders Network
CIMA New York
Fondation Droit de l’Art, Genève

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FIAC opening at Grand Palais, Paris, before 1990.
One of the 18 occasions where M. F. Toninelli Art Moderne participated.

Top photo from left to right: The Chairman of Centre Pompidou; Bernadette Chirac; Alexandre Istrati; Natalia Dumitresco; Maria Francesca Toninelli.

Lower photo from left to right: Madame Claude Pompidou; Maria Francesca Toninelli; Natalia Dumitresco.